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I have spent years as an advocate for change standing in solidarity with the most impacted communities to build community-based power and now we need a community-based agenda. As we spend the next few years recovering from the pandemic we need to ensure that resource allocation and policies reflect the needs of the community. I have built my platform around my years of advocacy in centering the needs, solutions, and voices of the community for economic development, a better quality of life, and equity-centered education.
Economic Recovery and Development
  • Ensure we don't raise property taxes.
  • Expanding resources for local small businesses.
  • Access to quality jobs paying a living wage.
  • Creating affordable housing options.

For too long we've watched our communities and local businesses be ignored for development opportunities, continuously being forced out for development that doesn’t focus on reinvesting in our communities. We must continue to develop our community, but not at the expense of its current residents. We must focus on rebuilding, revitalizing, and reinvesting in our local businesses as well as ensure housing protections and support for our community as we recover from the effects of COVID-19.

Quality of Life
  • Increase services for seniors.
  • Reimagining community safety.
  • More transitional housing for homeless and domestic violence survivors.
  • Office of returning citizens
  • Police accountability

Ultimately, my goal is to ensure every Prince George’s County resident enjoys a better quality of life as they work, play, and grow in our county. Our seniors should have access to quality healthcare programs and facilities. We should have green, safe and clean communities. Our county services should reflect our continued desire to create a great environment for the next generation of Prince Georgians.

  • Building Community Schools
  • Fair pay for teachers
  • Free after school programs
  • Expansion of apprenticeship programs in our schools

Our school system is staffed with thousands of hard-working educators, support staff, coaches, nurses, and many others who I will continue to support during my time on the County Council. Making quality education available to every child regardless of economic status has always been part of my work within the community. We as a community must make education a top priority. I will support expanding or reevaluating our education budget so that our schools are better equipped and our teachers and other school personnel are properly compensated.

Community-Based Development
  • Safeguard our communities from gentrification.
  • Ensure development is done from a community-centered lens.
  • Work to bring the type of business communities want to see in their neighborhoods.

District 7 is more than just a label that separates us from other areas. It is our home, and our haven. That home needs protecting. That home needs to be fought for. To have the feeling that we are being left behind is unacceptable. We deserve more! We deserve better! It is important that the voices of our community are heard. Your voice is the pulse and the heartbeat of the district, and together we can create the change that we heavily deserve. 

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